7 ways to Stay Organized

7 Ways to Stay Organized

Even if you’re short on time or money, there are many low-cost, fun, and creative organizing ideas for you to start using to conquering your clutter.

1.       Use wicker baskets to organize your linen closet, medical supplies, or food supplies.

2.       Plastic caddies are perfect for grouping cleaning products, hair styling products, or spices.

3.       Use a binder to store instruction manuals, take-out menus, or pages torn from magazines.

4.       Decoupage metal cookie tins and use to store craft items, office supplies, or beauty products.

5.       Use small glass jars to hold cotton swabs, pens and pencils, or craft items.

6.       Plastic shopping bags can be reused as a garbage can liner, lunch bag, or doggie poop picker-upper.

7.       Use a lazy susan to keep spices, hair styling products, or facial cleansers easy to find. Put taller items in the middle and smaller items around the edge.

What’s another low-cost way you stay organized?


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