Who is Nancy Roe?

When I was twelve, I wrote an autobiography for a sixth grade English assignment. After all these years, and several moves, I still have the tattered and yellowed manuscript held together by two pieces of black yarn and three brass fasteners. In the last chapter, I wrote that I wanted to be an author. Dreams do come true!

I have a variety of interests I like to write about including organizing, reading, cooking, and crafting. Even my dog, Shadow, writes an article—there has to be humor, and he’s a funny guy!

I’m a Midwest farm girl at heart and currently live in Tennessee with my husband and four-legged child.


Fun Facts:

  • My favorite colors are red, pink, and turquoise.
  • My favorite foods are sushi, pizza, and pasta.
  • My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz.
  • I love to play Scrabble.
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