Brilliant Storage Ideas

Brilliant Storage Ideas

I love finding different ways to use a regular item. Have you tried any of these storage ideas?

File Your Scrapbook Paper. Instead of piling it up in a drawer or cabinet where you can’t see it (therefor never use it), why not file your scrapbooking and craft paper in file folders? You can organize them by color or paper type, and now they’ll be easy to file through and choose from for your next project.

Garden Mailbox Toolshed. Keep your small garden tools and gloves handy in a mailbox. A vintage mailbox would be charming as part of your garden decor. This will keep your tools dry, clean and at your fingertips.

Power Strip Storage. Keep your power strips off the floor and out of view by hanging a wire basket under your desk. This is also a great solution for short cords that don’t reach the top of your desk without an extension, like a phone charger.

Baby Wipe Case Storage. Save those baby wipe cases for on-the-go storage. They’re perfect for the kids’ crayons, markers, and stickers.

Tackle Box Battery Storage. Use a plastic tackle box to store batteries. The individual compartments are perfect for separating your batteries by their type and size.

Magnetic Strip Bathroom Storage. Use a magnetic strip on the inside of a medicine cabinet door or in a drawer to keep your bobby pins, hair clips, nail file, tweezers, and other metal objects in one organized spot.

Pillow Case Storage. Tuck your matching sheet sets inside one of its own pillow cases to keep your linen closet organized.

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