Donating My Toys

Donating My Toys

As you can see from the picture, I’ve been blessed in my life with toys. Toys for my birthday and Christmas. Every time Mom or Dad takes a trip, they must have a toy in their suitcase when they come home. It’s a rule. No exceptions.

In December, I gave away all but a few of my favorite toys to a wonderful organization—SOAR Doggy Rescue.

SOAR Doggy Rescue takes in abused, neglected or homeless dogs. They provide all vet care, medications, and preventative meds for their rescue dogs. Vet care costs vary depending on the health of the dogs in their care, but they never let medical costs be a deciding factor in rescue. They take the sick and injured, as well as the healthy dogs in need. This results in huge vet bills and a constant need for donations of money and items.

I heard they needed toys for the rescue dogs to love and play with. Some dogs have never had a toy until they get into foster homes and start to know what it is to be a well-loved pet. I can’t imagine not having a toy to play with!

With the help of my mom, we gathered all my toys and took one last picture. Then I picked out a few of my favorite toys to keep and Mom washed all the other toys. I am very happy to announce that I donated 81 toys to SOAR Doggy Rescue. I hope the rescue dogs enjoy the toys as much as I have.

If you’d like to find out more about SOAR Doggy Rescue, visit their website at



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