Hidden in Shadow Pines

Introducing Hidden in Shadow Pines

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Here’s the summary:

Isabella Retsul leads a happy life in Darden, Iowa. She has two loving parents and the quarterback boyfriend, and she’s on her way to Princeton in the fall. All that changes on her eighteenth birthday when she kills her parents and spirals into a deep depression.

Sixteen years after the accident, she’s content in her single life as a ghostwriter and blue-ribbon pie baker until one morning when she wakes up in a bedroom she’s never seen before.

First impressions are deceiving. Hidden away on a small patch of land in southern Iowa, Shadow Pines seems like a quiet, religious town. But underneath the peaceful façade is a web of deceit. She learns the town is bordered by a tall stone wall and the sole exit is an iron gate guarded by armed men. The residents of Shadow Pines believe Isabella, the only living relative of one of the founding members, is here of her own volition.

Isabella is determined to find a way out of Shadow Pines and return to her life in Darden. In her quest, she must decide who can be trusted while uncovering the truth of a family history she never knew.



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