Homemade Fabric Wreaths

Homemade Fabric Wreaths

It may only be the end of September, but the holiday season is fast approaching. Here’s your chance to make one-of-a-kind gifts for your neighbors, teachers, or family. And don’t forget to make one or two for yourself!


  • Material
  • Thread
  • Polyester Fiber Fill
  • Wooden Spoon
  • 3 Safety Pins
  • Ribbon


  1. For the large wreath, cut three pieces of fabric, each 32” x 5”. For the small wreath, cut three pieces of fabric, each 16” x 2-1/2”. The three pieces of fabric can be the same print or different prints.
  2. Fold each fabric piece in half, right sides together. Sew bottom and side edges.
  3. Turn pieces inside out.
  4. Stuff each piece with fiber fill. Use the handle of the wooden spoon to push stuffing to the bottom.
  5. Stitch tops.
  6. Place three fabric pieces side by side, sewn edge down. Slip stitch three pieces together (this will be cut away after you are finished braiding.)
  7. Braid the three pieces. Use a safety pin to connect top to bottom. Remove slip stitching. Sew pieces together.
  8. Tie a ribbon around the wreath to hide the stitches.

The finished size for the large wreath is 9” and the small wreath is 4-1/2”. I used three different fabric patterns for the large wreath, and two patterns for the small wreath.

Nancy Roe


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