Rhyming Pairs

Rhyming Pairs

Did you know that a hink pink is a pair of rhyming words that matches a silly definition?

An example is: a black bird that does not fly fast? slow crow.

Can you figure out the rhyming pairs for these clues?

1.       Paperback thief

2.       Lengthy tune

3.       Closet to keep a sweeping tool

4.       Light red beverage

5.       Small buzzing insect that is not wet

6.       Large group of people that is noisy

7.       Stinging insect that doesn’t cost money

8.       Unhappy father

9.       Rabbit that tells jokes

10.   Fast elevator




1) book crook; 2) long song; 3) broom room; 4) pink drink; 5) dry fly; 6) loud crowd; 7) free bee; 8) sad dad; 9) funny bunny; 10) swift lift

Were you able to answer all ten rhyming pairs correctly?

Nancy Roe


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