Travel Jewelry Bags

Travel Jewelry Bags

These jewelry bags are easy to make. I used pre-cut fabric squares. You can find the squares at your local fabric store or Wal-Mart.


  • Four 5-inch fabric squares*
  • Thread
  • Ribbon (18-inch piece)
  • Velcro (4-1/2” piece)

*I used four different patterns for each bag, and cut each piece with pinking shears.


1.       Put two fabric pieces together, both face side out. Do same for other two fabric pieces.

2.       Fold over one-inch for each square.
For ribbon bag: Sew along bottom edge. This creates a pocket for the ribbon to go through.
For Velcro bag: Separate Velcro pieces. Sew a section of Velcro on top of both squares. (For one bag I sewed the Velcro on top of the fold, and for the other one I sewed on the back side of the fold.)

3.       Pin two pieces together and sew.
For ribbon bag, ribbon pocket sides face out. Do not sew over pockets.
For Velcro bag, Velcro sides together.

4.       For ribbon bag: Pull ribbon through one pocket, then through the second pocket (both ends of the ribbon will be on the same side). Pull ends together and tie. (I put a safety pin on the end of the ribbon to make it easy to thread through the pockets.)

Besides holding jewelry, these bags could hold change or credit cards.

Nancy Roe



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