Weird and Wonderful Words

Weird and Wonderful Words

Do you frequently use a dictionary to double-check the spelling or pronunciation of a word, or to find a synonym for a common term? Have you ever thought about learning a new word? Whether you have or not, today you’ll learn a few words you probably don’t use in normal conversation.

  • absquatulate           to leave somewhere abruptly
  • bibliopole                a person who buys and sells books, especially rare ones
  • chiliad                      a thousand things or a thousand years
  • divaricate                to stretch or spread apart
  • ensorcell                  to enchant or fascinate someone
  • funambulist            a tightrope walker
  • habile                       deft or skillful
  • inunct                      to apply ointment to someone or something
  • karateka                  a person who performs karate
  • lollygag                    to spend time in an aimless or lazy way
  • merrythought         a bird’s wishbone
  • nagware                   computer software which is free for a trial period and thereafter frequently reminds the user to pay for it
  • obnubilate               to darken, dim, or obscure something
  • panurgic                  able or ready to do anything
  • rubricate                  to add elaborate capital letters (typically red ones) or other decorations to a manuscript
  • snollygoster             a shrewd or unprincipled person
  • triskaidekaphobia  extreme superstition about the number thirteen
  • umbriferous             shady
  • vagarious                  erratic and unpredictable in behavior or direction
  • winebibber               a heavy drinker
  • xenology                   the scientific study of extraterrestrial phenomena
  • ylem                          (in big bang theory) the primordial matter of the universe
  • zetetic                       proceeding by inquiry or investigation

Pick a word and use it in a sentence today. Have fun!

Nancy Roe


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