Driving Lesson

Driving Lesson

I’ve had a driver’s license hanging from my collar for years, yet Mom never taught me the fundamentals of driving. That is, until last week.

She taught me that the proper positioning of paws is at nine and three, a new standard than when she learned how to drive at ten and two. I had no problem adjusting my paws to get the best grip on the wheel.

I also learned to keep my eyes on the road, and to look both ways before entering an intersection. Apparently some drivers have a tendency to run red lights and it’s best to be a defensive driver.

I do have to admit that once during our lesson I looked away from the road when a squirrel darted across the road and ran up a tree. Bad, Shadow, bad.

One piece of equipment that Mom showed me was a black lever called a turn signal. She said that most people don’t know it exists. If you want to move to the right, you push the turn signal up and if you want to move to the left, you push the turn signal down. Also, you should activate the turn signal five seconds before you wish to change lanes. Seems pretty easy to me.

Even though the car was in “park” the whole time, I’m positive I’d be an excellent driver on the road.



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