Keepsake Ornament

Keepsake Ornament

My mother passed away peacefully in July at the age of 91. She lived a good life, raising six children, and enjoying time with her ten grandchildren; seventeen great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren.

Before the children donated her clothes, I kept a few tops and turtlenecks to make these keepsake ornaments. My mom also kept a container (an old Crisco can wrapped in yellow contact paper) full of buttons. I searched through the container to find buttons for the center of the ornament.

To make a keepsake for yourself, follow these easy instructions.

Supplies (to make one ornament):

  • Old Clothing (or Material)
  • Button
  • 4” Silver or Gold Craft Cord
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Sewing Pins
  • Felt Tip Pen
  • Scissors
  • 7-1/2 circle (I used a pot lid)


1.   Be sure to iron fabric to remove any wrinkles.

2.   With right sides together, lay two pieces of fabric on a flat surface. Make sure the grain of the fabrics run the same way. Place circle on top of fabric and trace with the pen. Remove circle and pin pieces together. Cut piece, cutting just inside the marked line. (Picture 1)

3.    If making more than one ornament, repeat step 2 until you have the desired number of circles.

4.    Sew 1/8” hem all around the circle.

5.    Find dead center on the piece of fabric that will be used for the inside of the ornament, and mark with pen. (Picture 2)

6.    Make a one-inch slit on top piece of fabric only, one-inch to the left of marked center spot.

7.    Turn piece right-side out through slit. Press out flat.

8.    With the slit side of the fabric facing up, fold two opposite sides toward center. Sew centers together. DO NOT cut thread. (Picture 3)

9.    Bring other two sides toward center and sew together. Sew button in center, tie off thread, and cut. (Picture 4)

10.  Pull out the four corners and fold back and flat. (Picture 5)

11.   Make a hanger by folding craft cord in half, and sew into one corner. (Picture 6)

Have fun creating your own unique ornaments.

Nancy Roe

p.s. This idea would also work with Christmas fabric to hand out as gifts during the holiday.


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