Trip to Iowa with Mom

Trip to Iowa with Mom

Every April, Mom and I hit the road and travel to Iowa for Grandma’s birthday. It’s my job to make sure Mom takes frequent stops to stretch our legs and take time to eat treats.

One day I kept Grandma company while Mom went shopping with a friend. Luckily for Mom, she brought home a biscuit for me decorated to look like a hot dog. It was yummy!

I like to take several naps during the day. If I’m not curled up in my bed in the living room with my favorite toy, I’m asleep in Grandma’s bedroom in front of her closet door.

Near the end of the trip, Mom and Grandma looked at photo albums when Mom was a little girl. I never knew she grew up with two dogs (okay, so only one was a real dog). Blackie was a farm dog and spent his days outside. I’m glad I’m a spoiled indoor dog.

I’ll see you in the fall, Grandma!



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